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How do I get a telephone number with magicJack?

Does my computer have to be on to make and receive calls?

Can I move my magicJack between different computers?

How do I dial International Calls?

Does magicJack work with wireless Internet (WI-FI)?

If my friends and family call me, are they charged for a long distance call?

Can I make International calls from my cell phone through magicJack?

Do I need an existing landline number?

What if I lose my magicJack password and/or email address?

Can I change the voicemail time stamp?

How can I upgrade my magicJack?

Can I transfer my current magicJack license to my new magicJack?

Do I have to inform my Internet Service Provider (ISP) that I am using magicJack?

How can I use my answering machine with magicJack?

Can I turn voicemail off or change the time before voicemail picks up?

What is the number of messages I can have in my Voicemail inbox?

Does the person I am calling also need to own a magicJack?

How do I purchase International prepaid minutes?

How can my international friends, family and associates save with magicJack?

How do I uninstall magicJack from my computer?

Can I register several magicJacks on the same computer?

Can I use several phones with my magicJack?

How and where can I order the magicJack?

Can I use several magicJacks on the same computer?

How do I know I have a new voicemail message on my magicJack?

What bandwidth speed is required to use magicJack?

Will magicJack work in countries with 220V?

How do I change the volume on my magicJack when it’s plugged into a modem or router?

Can I go online while using the magicJack?

Are there any restrictions on where I call?

Do I need to register the magicJack before giving it away as a gift?

Is my number shared with or sold to telemarketers?

Does magicJack work with caption telephone service?

What forms of payment do you accept?

How do I know when my renewal is due?

Can I use the magicJack app on Android?

How long will it take to receive a credit if I return the product?

Can someone call me with Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)?

Is Do Not Disturb available?

How can I play the voicemail mail file on my Android device?

How do I report abusive calls or scams?

Does magicJack have an order policy?

How do I offer my suggestions to enhance magicJack?

Are there any other charges?

Can my children run up any fees on magicJack that I won’t be aware of?

Is there a cancellation or early termination fee?

FCC Compliance Notice 47 C.F.R. § 15.21

How can I save with magicJack when I travel?

How do I arrange a FREE conference call?

What are other people saying about magicJack?

Is there a media resource for magicJack?

Can I block telemarketers?

Will I need a second magicJack for traveling?

Which devices is magicApp available on?

How do I download magicApp?

Can I make international calls from magicApp?

How do I access my voicemail on magicApp?

Can I log into magicApp on multiple Smartphones or tablets?

Can I call 800 and other toll free numbers with magicApp for free?

Can I use my magicApp when I’m traveling internationally?

Which Android devices is magicApp supported on?

Does magicApp work on WiFi and 3G/4G carrier networks?

How do I get text messaging?

How do I send a text message?

Is text messaging free?

How much does text messaging cost?

How do I download the text messaging app?

Do my friends & family need to have magicApp on their phone to receive my text messages?

Can I text international phone numbers?

I already have a premium U.S. phone number, and am a paying subscriber. How do I get text messaging on my phone?

Can I send text messages from my computer?

Can I send text messages to other magicApp users?

Can I send a Group Message?

Can I send a picture/video message?

Can my magicApp account be used on multiple mobile devices (ex: phone, tablet, iPod)?

Can I use magicApp on multiple devices at the same time, if these devices all share the same account?