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Guide to Text Messaging With magicApp


How Do I Get Text Messaging?

Text messaging is available to anyone who purchases a magicJack device, or requires the purchase of a Second Line premium subscription for magicApp. This service provides you with a US phone number, as well as text messaging.

How Much Does Text Messaging Cost?

magicJack device owners can take advantage of text messaging for no additional cost.

Subscriptions currently on the monthly $1.99 plan will continue to renew, but this plan is no longer available to new subscribers.

I Already Have a Premium U.S. Phone Number, and Am a Paying Subscriber. How Do I Get Text Messaging on My Phone?

Once you download magicApp from the App Store or Google Play store, simply log in with your account credentials, and you will automatically gain access to text messaging within the app.

How Do I Send a Text Message?

Within magicApp, navigate to the Messages tab, and tap the top-right icon (iOS) or the bottom circular button (Android) to compose your text message.

Do My Friends and Family Need to Have magicApp on Their Phone to Receive My Text Messages?

No – you can send and receive text messages to any US mobile number.

Can I Send Text Messages to Other magicApp Users?

Yes, but note that text messages can only be sent to US telephone numbers at this time.

Can I Text International Phone Numbers?

Text messaging is currently limited to US telephone numbers only.

Can I Send Text Messages From My Computer?

Text messaging is only available via the iOS and Android versions of magicApp.

Can I Send a Group Message?

At this time, you can only send a message to one telephone number at a time.

Can I Send a Picture/Video Message?

Currently, magicApp only supports text messages. Picture/video messages (MMS) are not yet available.

Why Am I Not Receiving Text Messages on My magicApp?

Text messages to your magicJack telephone number must originate from 10-digit phone numbers. Short codes (used by banks and other companies) will not work with magicApp.

I Uninstalled the magicApp From My Device and Then Installed It Again. Why Are All My Text Messages Gone?

Once magicApp has been uninstalled from your device, all message history is deleted as well. This data cannot be restored.