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Can I use my prepaid calling credits another way?

Yes, you have the option to call International numbers from your cell phone or other landline phone using magicJack prepaid credits by registering any North American phone number through your magicJack account as a call around number.

Simply click here and log into your account.

Once logged in, click the “International/Prepaid” tab, enter the telephone number you will be making international calls from in the box labeled “Cell or Landline (IPP Only) next to the device for which you have or will be adding prepaid credits, and click “Submit“. You will receive an email with instructions and the access code, 305-848-9999. Dial the access code to start making International calls from the phone number you registered.

Note: You can only register one additional number per magicJack. In order to make international calls you need to purchase International Prepaid Minutes.

International prepaid credits expire six months after the date of purchase.