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What types of Internet service are compatible with magicJack?


What Type of Internet Service Does magicJack Require?

magicJack will function with any reliable high-speed Internet connection, including:

  • Broadband (including “Lite” broadband services)
  • High-Speed Internet
  • Cable Internet
  • DSL
  • Wi-Fi
  • Wireless (such as EVDO, HSDPA, and 4G)
  • WiMax

A minimum upload bandwidth of 128 kb/s is recommended.

Note: In emergency and other circumstances, you may be able to use lower bandwidths.

Does magicJack Work With Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi)?

Yes, magicJack can be plugged into a computer connected via wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) and make and receive calls.

Will magicJack Work With Dial-up Internet Service?

No, dial-up Internet service does not provide enough bandwidth or speed for magicJack to function efficiently.

Will magicJack Work With Satellite Internet?

No, we do not recommend utilizing magicJack with satellite Internet (such as DirecTV, HughesNet, or Windstream).

Though satellite Internet service is considerably faster than dial-up, it is traditionally slower than many cable, DSL, and other high-speed Internet connections. Satellite Internet also experiences higher delays (also known as “ping” or “lag”), which results in poor connections when used with phone services.