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What is the difference between magicJack and Skype?

We believe magicJack is the superior choice for local and long distance calling.

Here is a list of some of the differences between our award-winning service and Skype.

magicJack can be used without a computer.
Skype must be used on a computer and the computer must be on.

magicJack is an easy-to-use portable device that allows you to use a traditional telephone handset to make and receive calls.
Skype is a software program and accessories must be purchased separately.

magicJack software runs automatically.
Skype software must be installed on your computer.

magicJack utilizes a dedicated telephone network and provides crystal-clear call quality.
Skype uses a peer-to-peer network.

magicjack provides a free telephone number.
Skype charges up to $72.00 a year for a telephone number

magicjack provides free voicemail.
Skype charges up to $24.00 a year for voicemail.